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So... I'm looking into going to Germany this summer and no doubt I'll have to take out loans. I'm figuring that what would be best is finding a way to *pay off* the loans. I'm thinking about taking some of the fairy tales that I've been translating and illustrating them, then going to a publisher and striking up a deal with whoever is into my stuff. I don't know how hot (or not) it's going to be, but I need to find someone who's done this kind of thing before to ask what it's like.
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Brier Rose

This story is from a book called The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm.  All their stories are in here and it was translated by Jack Zipes.  I'm not the translator like Roslyn but I've found a couple that I enjoy and so will post them!

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***I thought this particular story was interesting because obviously it is what we know today as Snow White...however, there are some very BIG differences.  First, in the disney version there are only three godmothers and they are forced to counteract the gift bestowed on Sleeping Beauty by an evil witch.  Also, the three godmothers take Brier Rose away to the middle of the forest to raise her away from harm and this is where she meets prince charming.  Finally, instead of sleeping for 100 years, Brier Rose is simply asleep until true loves kiss can break the spell.  I don't know which one I like better since the Disney version has been a favorite ever since I was a small child.  However, I like this one...but its sad that so many princes died trying to rescue dear Brier Rose.  An interesting story, I hope you liked it!***

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I decided that I'm going to start illustrating the most recent fairy tale that I translated. Tonight I'm going to have a session with a friend of mine so that he can help me translate it. I have to do a crash course for drawing horses (and coloring them) and find suitable clothing for the characters.
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